Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why a mini-blog sure to maxi the waistline?

As our time in Paris winds to a close, I've tried to think of a way to reeeaaally go out in style. Of course I'm hitting every museum I've wanted to visit, attending every lecture that looks interesting, signing up for as many outings with friends that I can. But how really to commemorate what have been 17 of the most amazing and formative months of my life? Why, bien sûr, by daily consuming a random sampling of the mouth-watering pâtisserie readily available across these 20 arrondissements in our City of Lights.

This idea was inspired by several things. One obviously is the book/film Julie and Julia. Saying you'll do something every day and blog about it requires that you a) actually complete the requisite task chaque jour and b) write about it. And in the meantime, why not pick a task you actually enjoy, like cooking... or in my case, shopping and eating!

The other is a fascinating lecture I attended at the American Library here in Paris with my friends Catherine (Brit) and Katherine (rouge-blooded Southern gal) led by food writers Dorrie Greenspan, David Leibovitz and Alex Lobrano. These funny and fabulous folk really illuminated my Pillsbury pea-brain as to the vast and delicious world that is Parisian pâtisserie. Yes, macarons and religieuses are fabulous, but they are just the beginning of the vast offering of gastronomic delights rolling out of ovens and lining shop windows, bursting with caramel, pistache, noisette, dressed to the nines in ribboned lavender boxes and gold foil wrappers.

The third is my love of this beautiful city that took us in, nurtured our souls and stomachs, and broadened our knowledge of art, music, architecture, wine, shopping, and - yes - sweets. And honestly the last is probably that which I have sampled the least!

So here we go: 28 days, 28 pastries. No, we're not leaving in 28 days but I fear our last week will be too frenetic with packing and practicing our Britishisms for gorging and blogging. Yes, I'm aware this could result in the systemic non-fitting of all my new Parisian togs. I'm guessing quite a few of these daily indulgences will in fact be dejeuner!

See you tomorrow with my first delicious installment!


  1. Perfection! Great idea, great descriptions! Can't wait for the next 27 entries.

  2. You must surely need a friend to accompany you on the tastings... if not simply for any other reason than to ascertain that your opinions are not overly-subjective.

    Might I possibly be that friend...?


    "Sharing it"/"having it for lunch", yeah right!

    It's OK though... they do size 18s in Britain.

  3. Maybe this project will inspire you to become a baker!